George Boutwell’s


Painting completed in: 1995

This old Chevrolet Pickup is one that I’ve used in several paintings over the past several years. I always go to the Stamford Cowboy Reunion and I don’t remember a year when this truck wasn’t parked beside the entrance to the Rodeo Arena. I think most of the Artists who participate in the Western Art Show have done a painting that included this truck, or they have at least photographed it with that idea in mind. Although I don't remember if I’ve ever met the owner I’ve been told that he works at the reunion each year. This truck has got to be one of the most aesthetically interesting I’ve seen and restoring it to like new condition would be the equivalent of destroying a great work of Art! The dogs weren’t really under this truck but that’s where any ranch dog in Texas wants to be. Certainly it’s where you will find our dogs on most hot summer days!