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2022 Texas Meridian Highway Calendar

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The Texas Meridian Highway will feature 12 Paintings of Scenes from the Historic Meridian Highway (Original Texas Highway #2 (one for each month) To see the Paintings Larger, Click on each Image. The Calendar will be 15" wide and 20" high, with lots of room to write stuff. The space for each day is 1 3/4" x 2 1/16"! This calendar is printed on Acid-Free Paper so the pictures will last if you frame them! The price of the calendar is $12.50 each or you can order a bunch and save lots of money (they make great gifts). Order 40 or more and get your Business info or any message you want at the bottom, and the customization is FREE! Quantity discounts apply! See samples on the home page of this website.

Price Guide
  • Basic Price for $12.50

  • 16-30 for $10.00

  • 31-75 for $9.00

  • 76-150 for $8.00

  • 151-300 for $6.50

  • 300+ for $5.00

If you purchase 40+ calendars you may place an imprint on the calendar. Please type the imprint below or leave this blank for no imprint.